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Even just imagining yourself living in a home without a roof is already pretty impossible. Your roof protects you and your family from a lot of the dangers and threats that exist outside. It's because of your roof that you can stay calm and dry in the face of storms, strong winds, and even intruders. Of course, your roof is built with relative strength and sturdiness, but it can give in to wear and tear over time. It's likely that you barely ever think about your roof, but when it does get damaged, it will likely be the only thing you think about. Follow these three tips to find out how to preserve and protect your roof to keep it at its peak no matter what how strong the storms and snow.


1. Maintain Clean Gutters - If you think you still didn't have enough reasons to clean out your gutters, this should be enough to get you up on that ladder. A gutter that's full up with leaves and debris won't just allow water to run down your siding and damage your basement ceiling - it can also cause water to pool on your roof. It pays to remember that rain that falls onto your roof will dry out with time, but pooled water that stays stagnant from a clogged gutter can remain for a while and cause serious rot. If and when your roof does rot because of an overflowing gutter, you might have to spend upward of a thousand dollars just to get it fixed. Prevent any rot caused by water damage by clearing out your gutters regularly. This is also true for those that have done Asphalt roof installation


2. Inspect Your Roof - To find out if there are any damages or repairs necessary, it would be wise to inspect your roof. It's possible that you might need a replacement or repair if and when you find that some shingles are missing, broken, or misshapen. It's also wise to listen in to your roof if you hear any strange noises that you can't put a finger on. If you hear scurrying, scratching, or creaking coming from inside your roof, there might be an opening somewhere that has allowed pests and other small creatures to enter.


3. Call a Roofing Contractor - It's always better to have a professional inspect your roof if and when you suspect there to be damage. A roofing contractor should be able to detect any damage and provide you the right solutions so you won't have to worry about your roof. Even if there isn't anything wrong, a roofing contractor should be able to maintain your roof to prevent any damage from even occurring. You can also get in touch with them if you are in need of cedar roof preservation